Monday, February 1, 2010

"Now, I can proudly say that I have Regained My Youth!"

I am 62 and I consider my self middle-age because I refuse to admit that I am old. However, my eyes, bones and stamina have all weakened with age.

In 2007, I sustained an injury on my left elbow and it has been giving me problems ever since. I consulted many doctors regarding my condition but to my disappointment no one has been able to give me a solution. After taking Celergen for 2 months, the pain in my left hand was gone. The other benefit of Celegen is that it helps to reduce my "Eye Floaters". In addition, the "Light Flashes" that I used to experience, due to Retinal Deterioration, have stopped!

One thing I never expected to benefit from Celergen is the Increase in Energy and Stamina. Because I hardly exercise, it was very astonishing when I could climb 128 stairs up and down within 30 minutes. What a remarkable feat!

"Now, I can proudly say that I have Regained My Youth!"

Maria Moon

62, Hong Kong

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