Thursday, March 1, 2012

My life was in a wretch for the past few years after I was diagnosed with diabetes.

My life was in a wretch for the past few years after I wasdiagnosed with diabetes. Coupled with that, my doctoralso warned that I have high blood pressure and highcholesterol level. Every day, I have to take numerous medicine to keep these three critical warning signs in control. I cannot carry out my duty as an engineer without interruptions.

My friend, Andrew first introduced Celergen to me about 2 months ago andfrankly speaking I was sceptical initially and also because it is not cheap. When my diabetic condition got worse, an example was the deterioration on my leg(first photo taken in Jan 2012), Andrew again asked me to try, for the sake of myhealth.

To my total disbelief, my leg starts to heal rapidly and my doctor waseven surprised that my blood pressure and cholesterol level have dropped considerably. Now, my seniors and colleagues even chided me that I am no longer the MC King in the office!

Really thanks to Celergen and the powerful business model behind it that also allows me to reduce the cost of my consumption greatly.

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