Saturday, January 21, 2012

Celergen & Lumbar Spondylosis

Recently one of my friend's dad was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylosis, this name was very familiar thus I checked around with my partners and found that my partner has helped his banker friend who has this same issue by taking Celergen.

For the benefit of those who know of someone who has the same issue. I did some readup and shared with everyone here. For more details, feel free to talk to us for a no-obligation consultation. Email us at

Lumbar spondylosis - describes bony overgrowths (osteophytes), predominantly those at the anterior, lateral, and, less commonly, posterior aspects of the superior and inferior margins of vertebral centra (bodies). This dynamic process increases with, and is perhaps an inevitable concomitant, of age.

Lumbar spondylosis usually produces no symptoms. It is usually related to old age due to wear and tear of the bone.

In Celergen: the 3rd main ingredient Hydro MN Peptide has the property to relieve/prevent Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis related issue.

HYDRO MN PEPTIDE plays a critical role in the regeneration of cartilage, treatment of osteoarthritis and improves the biodynamic of the skin. It is also a Glycemic Index (GI) lowering peptide and has been clinically proven in reducing the GI of Carbohydrates by 37% which would otherwise
be converted into fats and accumulate in our body.

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