Saturday, January 1, 2011

With Celergen, I no longer need to take an afternoon nap during lunch break to continue with the day

I teach English language in a local university. My duties include servicing different faculties. I move a lot in the course of my work, like going from one class to another - usually located in different parts of the faculty I serve. Besides, I am also involved in writing, editing and translation - all of which require intense concentration and long hours spent on putting thoughts into words.

I must thank my sister Su'adah Salleh, for introducing me to Celergen. I am into my fifth box now. I have been taking it daily since before the fasting month of Ramadhan in August 2010. I can see the difference in me in terms of energy, focus and general well-being.

This certainly helps with my work performance, which involves long hours in front of the computer, reading and analysing texts, having to complete assignments on short notice, and having to perform work which requires a lot of thinking and mental focus.

I am awake by five every morning. That's when I take my daily dosage, and I can work through the required working hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. without any need for a break - something I couldn't achieve previously. I used to need an afternoon nap during lunch break to continue with the day.

But now, even my blood pressure has stabilised although I am still taking my prescription for hypertension (something which I have been doing for the past six years). At times, I would be too caught up with work and other commitments that I would run out of my prescription, sometimes for up to two days. After taking Celergen, a two-day miss (of prescription) would mean having my BP rise to 154/93. Previously, before Celergen, one day without the prescription would mean having it shoot up to 180/100 from my normal count of 120/70.

Thank God and thanks to Celergen, I am more energised and more confident of myself, knowing that I can last until the end of the day to perform my duties, even when I am fasting. Thanks to Celergen, I am more alert at meetings or when dealing with student issues; and I am more effective at managing my time between work and the family. This is on top of the duties I have to perform as the wife of a senior officer in a security outfit, which require me to travel with him or attend functions till late at night. That sure is amazing for a woman who turned 51 in October this year, don't you think?

- Datin Umminajah Salleh, Shah Alam (Malaysia)


  1. Helo. My name is Nian. I want to know how much is the product cost? and where I can find it in KL or Selangor. Thank you.

  2. Hi Nian

    In malaysia, 1 month Supply of Celergen is 920 RM

    I can arrange for it to be sent to your home. Are you in KL?