Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now Celergen - The Advanced Swiss Anti-Aging Cell Therapy Supplement in Soft Gels

Now without the use of injectables, Celergen offers you Cell Therapy in soft gels produced by the Swiss Cold Process DNA extraction technology. Celergen is clinically proven and potently capsulated with the essential elements of Marine DNA Cellular Extracts which are known for their supreme rejuvenate, regenerative and anti oxidant properties resulting in immense energy, enhanced vitality and ageless beauty. The results are almost immediate.

Researched and developed by prestigious Swiss, French and German Anti Aging Experts, Cell Therapists, gerontologists, biotech chemists, scientists and pharmaceutical professionals, Celergen is a powerful, multi-faceted Cell Therapy treatment system that helps intercept and prevent, repair and maintain, rebuild and rehabilitate your body irrespective of your age.

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